24 Affordable Gifts Filmmakers Secretly Want in 2020

Editor will fix it in post t-shirt

Filmmakers are known to be great gift-givers due to their observational skills and innately good taste. It’s about time to return the favor and get the filmmaker or creative in your life the most amazing yet affordable gift this holiday season!

Doing your holiday shopping for that filmmaker in your life may not always be easy. After all, not everyone has the financial or mental capacity to shell out thousands of dollars on expensive film gear.

Especially when the year 2020 keeps throwing curveballs. Right now it is especially important for all creatives to be vigilant, attentive and rational.

I present to you a hand-picked list of unique yet affordable gifts every filmmaker secretly wants, the 2020 edition.

Remember to shop early and shop smart.

Best Gifts For a Filmmaker

Sometimes filmmakers don’t even know what they want for the holidays. Let us help you make the decision for them.

Film crew high-profile fit cap

1. Film Crew Hat

We can’t start a list of amazing gifts for filmmakers and not mention one of our products. This IHWYW brand high-profile fit hat proudly displays who you really are on the inside. A beautiful, talented film crew member.

Crystal ball photography sphere

2. Crystal Ball Photo & Video Sphere

The crystal ball trend is here and not going anywhere. There are countless ways you can get creative.

Disclaimer: This Crystal Ball Photography Sphere is not guaranteed to tell your future or otherwise possess any mythical powers. It simply bends light.

Film clapperboard

3. Film Clapperboard

Ah, the film clapperboard. Sometimes referred to as a “film slate” this little guy ultimately saves the DIT (or Editor on a smaller production) from a lot of headache when organizing the footage. And it just makes you look super official.

Best Gifts For an Actor

Actors can be picky, it’s part of their M.O. But they still love getting gifts!

The Art of Acting by Stella Adler

4. The Art of Acting by Stella Adler

“The Art of Acting” by Stella Adler is a voice of true commitment to the craft.

It’s important to always be improving upon your skills and gaining more knowledge. That is why a book always makes a great gift.

Actress needs a motive t-shirt

5. Actress needs a motive unisex t-shirt

Another shameless plug for one of our products Actress needs a motive t-shirt. But we are not ashamed in the least. This piece of apparel will make any actress proud to display their quest for motivation in any scene.

Movie Buff The World's Greatest Movie Trivia Card Game

6. Movie Buff: The World’s Greatest Movie Trivia Card Game

Actors and random movie trivia go hand in hand. Test your movie facts knowledge with this Movie Buff: The World’s Greatest Movie Trivia Card Game, perfect of a date night.

Best Gifts For a Screenwriter

Screenwriters tend to live inside their head. But don’t be fooled, they are very observant and careful in that natural habitat.

7. Moleskin Classic Expanded Notebook

The Classic Moleskin Expanded Notebook is 5″x8.5″ so it is the perfect size for your screenwriter friends to keep by their bedside for those nights they wake up in a sweat with ideas leaking out of their ear holes.

A notebook is a great gift for any creative really, we all have ideas and we all need to get better at writing them down.

8. Save The Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need

The title gives it all away. Brad Snyder will take you on a whimsical journey to give an inside look of the movie business.

Make your ideas more marketable and your scripts more satisfying.

9. PlayMonster 5 Second Rule Game

When it comes to being stuck at home, let the 5 Second Rule Game stimulate your creative brain. Pick up the card, read the seemingly easy topic and just spit it out!

PS. There is also an uncensored version. Shhh, don’t tell.

Best Gifts For a Director

“Because I’m the director, that’s why!” Said no director ever. Oh wait…

10. Casual Home Director’s Chair

Give the director in your life the warm and fuzzies by making them feel really special with this Casual Home Director’s Chair.

They will (secretly) love you forever.

11. Rebel without a Crew: Or How a 23-Year-Old Filmmaker With $7,000 Became a Hollywood Player

Low budget, run-and-gun, guerrilla filmmaker. Just a few terms that describe the challenge that many filmmakers face with small crew demanding effort projects.

Rebel without a Crew is a remarkable story about dreams and determination to overcome those challenges.

12. Trust Me I’m The Director Mug

Just a boost of confidence is all a director needs. Pour some coffee in this bad boy and walk around the set pretending you know what you’re doing.

You have it made with this Trust Me I’m The Director Mug.

Best Gifts For a Director of Photography

Cinematographers carry a great burden having one of the highest responsibilities in the filmmaking process. Ease their mind with a thoughtful present this year.

13. Professional Micro Director’s Viewfinder

Extremely useful tools is what a director of photography knows a thing or two about. Finding solutions to problems such as way to frame and choose your focal length without having to move a heavy camera rig.

Well, the Professional Micro Director’s Viewfinder is your solution! Plus it’s portable.

14. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

For the coffee addicted director of photography, this Camera Lens Coffee Mug will make you look like a total badass. It is also a great conversation starter.

And it comes with two lids, the second being a screw-on non-spill deliciousness.

Director of Photography making promises t-shirt

15. Director of Photography making promises unisex t-shirt

One of our snarkiest t-shirts for the director of photography that appreciates a good joke. I promise there will be another take after this one… For safety.

Get the cinematographer in your life this sarcastic Director of Photography making promises t-shirt. Thank me later.

Best Gifts For an Editor

Locked up in their parent’s basement for hours on end can’t be good for an already vitamin-D deficient world. Fill their holiday stockings with some delicious goodness.

16. In the Blink of an Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing

“In the Blink of an Eye” by Walter Murch is the most classic video editing book you can find. It’s taught at universities and recommended by video editors across the globe.

The principles that Murch touches on are both universal and timeless.

17. SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 1TB

We all know that there is no such thing as too much storage. These days camera technology is evolving exponentially which in turn means that editors are always fighting for more storage space.

An SSD can solve a lot of efficiency and speed issues. Without going into too much technical details, I recommend the SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 1TB that will get the job done.

Editor will fix it in post t-shirt

18. Editor will fix it in post unisex t-shirt

Too many times when someone says “We’ll fix it in post” on a film set, the editors falls deeper into a state of panic.

Friends don’t let their editor friends stay complacent. Say it with a snarky Editor will fix it in post t-shirt.

Best Gifts For a Producer

If you try to “fix it in post” you will be cursing your past self when it comes time for post-production. Do the producer in your life a huge favor and remind them of what is really important.

Producer being a comedian t-shirt

19. Producer being a comedian unisex t-shirt

Who’s to say that producers are most guilty of uttering those four forbidden words “fix it in post.” Perhaps we’re just picking on the producers because they should know better.

Perhaps we are totally correct in thinking this way. Whatever your opinion on the matter, this Producer being a comedian t-shirt will not disappoint.

20. Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn

As if they weren’t annoying enough… Just kidding. But seriously, be careful with who you gift this to. Wouldn’t want you to carry the pang of guilt every time this bad boy Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn shows up on a film set.

After all, it comes with a built-in siren.

21. Film Production Patent Wall Art Prints

So this is really cool! Film Production Patent Art to display your passion in a unique decorative way.

Let your guests know what you’re all about.

Bonus: Best Gifts For a Sassy Filmmaker

Sass comes with the job. More on some than others. Still, filmmakers tend to have sarcasm on their jobs resume as a definite skill.

22. Good Luck Sock Hollywood Movies Socks

Keep your feet warm, and your mind focused on your goals. These Good Luck Sock Hollywood Movies Socks are the perfect stocking stuffers for the filmmaker in your life.

Imagine putting these babies on your feet on a cold snowy

23. NatureWise Vitamin D3

It’s typical for a filmmaker to spend 99% of their time indoors, finishing the edit on that short film.

Take care of your fellow filmmaker by gifting them an important nutrient – NatureWise Vitamin D3 supplement that helps with healthy muscle function, bone health and immunity support.

24. Gaffer Power Premium Grade Gaffer Tape

Every filmmaker knows the power of Gaffer Tape. It is arguably the most useful tool on any film set. Just don’t use it on antique wallpaper in a historic mansion.

If you know, you know.

Do you have any suggestions for gifts that filmmakers secretly want? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

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