3 New Film Industry Facts in a COVID-19 Filmmaking World

COVID-19 has impacted the global film industry. But that’s not to say the virus has beaten the industry.

While this pandemic is accelerating, film producers are innovating new ways to keep up with the “new normal” we are all forced to live in.

The new normal

Veteran producer, Mark Johnson, believes that like a lot of industries, producers have to get creative about where and how they shoot.

Casts and crew have begun to return to work after a long hiatus. In some states like New York and Georgia, production takes place under tight regulations. Some guidelines outlined by the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) include regular testing, use of face masks at all times, social distancing when possible, and reducing “close-contact” scenes. And of course, the new visiting lawman on set is not the financier or director, but the COVID compliance officer.

It must then be appropriate to talk about some film industry facts that transpired from the impact of this global pandemic.

1. Producers are altering how sets operate

Crew members who had the luxury of mingling freely must now limit their activities within their respective departments (for example, lighting, make-up, hair, and wardrobe departments). This makes it hard for these departments to associate with each other.

Some brave producers and filmmakers started working and experimenting with movies revolving around the pandemic several months ago – and how! Corona – the first CORONA-19-based film has been made with a single camera film shot – in a single take – inside an elevator. Songbird is another movie produced while following the strictest and most stringent health and safety protocols.

2. Virtual production

Virtual production solutions will be the new normal for all aspects of production.

The production team won’t have to be in the same physical environment. Teams can collaborate from multiple locations.

3. Innovatively created sex scenes

With social distancing being the new norm, one does wonder how romantic and sex scenes will be performed. After all, these scenes do draw in viewers and spark catchy Twitter hashtags!!!! Kisses and love-making scenes created by virtual production?!? Executive producer of the CBS soap ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,” Bradley Bell, let’s us in on a big secret – vital intimate scenes are shot from a distance… with mannequins! Even if pulled off correctly, could latex kisses be as alluring as the real deal?

How producers can adjust to the new normal

Here’s advice from producers, for producers, to adapt to the new normal: Think creatively. Lean toward technology. Ensure there are fewer people on the set. Keep open communication between talent and crew. Be informed about the latest knowledge on COVID-19, and finally, stay healthy.


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