How to Stay Motivated in the Middle of a Pandemic

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Just when you thought 2020 was going to be your year, the rug gets pulled out from underneath and you get dragged through the mud. So, how do you stay motivated in the middle of a pandemic?

The whole world has been thrown into an unprecedented spiral of the coronavirus wreaking havoc on every aspect of our life. Not to mention, this pandemic is putting a major strain on the economy.

“Challenges” is a word being thrown around a lot. I suppose “utter chaos” would incite panic.

Then there are the racial injustices, climate change, people’s basic human rights being put on the chopping block. It’s hard not to pay attention. It’s even harder to keep motivated.

To take the next step.

To move forward.

To provide.

Provide a safe, more peaceful world for future generations. Leave it better than you found it.

So, how do you keep motivated in spite of all the challenges and roadblocks? How do you persevere in the face of adversity?

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Change your surroundings

Sometimes it could be just as simple as switching things up. The daily routine of waking up in your pajamas straight to work from home can and will become mundane and exhausting.

Our brains require a lot of stimulation. Positive stimulation. We tend to compensate that with an absorbent amount of Netflix. However, it can be extremely beneficial to change your surrounding for a moment.

Take a walk. Switch up your desk. Rearrange the furniture. Go sit on a park bench. Let your mind flow.

Once you start to feel a pang of a negative thought–take notice, accept it for what it is, and release it. Let it go.

Reward yourself for achieving goals

Setting goals is important. Perhaps more important is knowing how you’re going to reward yourself when you achieve them.

It’s the classic Pavlov’s Dogs experiment. When you do good, you receive a treat, then rinse and repeat.

The association of a reward for reaching a milestone or achieving a goal builds a positive trigger in your brain making the whole process that much more pleasant.

The reward could be as big as something like taking a road trip, or as small as something like buying yourself that thing that you’ve always wanted.

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Live in the here & now

Even when you are being dragged through the mud, seemingly on your last breath, you must remember to live in the here & now.

Here in your physical presence. Your body.

Now in this very moment. Your mind.

And so that is to say you shouldn’t concern yourself with what happened in the past, or what will happen in the future. These are things you can’t control.

Focus on the now. Be here.

Here & now. These are things you can control. One step at a time.

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